Films, games, pictures and all of the above.  Welcome to the only place you will now need to go for film and gaming opinions on the web.  My name is John Plumpton.  My fellow critic David Kirby and myself will be your electronic ushers through the analytical world of film and computer game review.

I have always loved everything about the world of films, right down to the way your shoes always seem to stick to the floor of the auditorium as you sit yourself down in those foam padded cinema seats to experience something you hope will change your perceptions of film making forever.

My fellow author, David Kirby will also give you his opinion on current and old games and tell you if they are or were good enough for you to buy with your cold hard cash.  He will also do trilogies of games to see how much they have improved.  The platforms he will be focusing on are PC, PS3 and PS2.  Don’t forget this will also include game news on all new games and new consoles, so stay tuned!

I know this might look like your standard, run of the reel, one shot film and gaming blog but trust us, we make this look good.

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